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CHANEL JACKET- the timeless symbol of class

When we think of Coco Chanel and her work, there are some unique settings
she made in fashion that we all know. The most important are certainly
the little black dress and the well known Chanel jacket. It has a very simple
cut and therefore it is known as an elegant part of the female wardrobe.
It is usually made of tweed , but also leather for cold winter days.
It is very important and interesting to know that, by the time the jacket
was designed, it is worn by women all over the world until now.
You can see it in every Chanel fashion show and they are unavoidable
when speaking of shootings . It's like there is no factor of time for this jackets. But, what would a perfect jacket look like? The answer is as simple as the jacket.
Every woman can wear it on its unique and special way. It fits to all fashion directions and matches perfectly with jewelry and all kinds of different scarfs.
Coco Chanel itself always said that clothes has to be transformed to fashion by the woman who wears it. It depends on what kind of jewelry you add
and what shoes you wear also which hairdo you make.
It all shows your indispensable and special kind of taste.
My point is, the Chanel jacket is one and only but it can be worn on all
kinds of different ways in order to be irreplaceable.


The jacket below is made of fine leather and
 was on the fashion show for winter 2010./2011. 

"The CHANEL jacket symbolises a timelessly fashionable form of nonchalant feminine elegance: 
it belongs to every era". These were Karl Lagerfeld's words at the end of the photo
 shoot, for the book The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL's classic jacket revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, in Paris.

BEHIND THE SCENES of Little Black Jacket's photo shoot

XOXO, Lara

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  1. Hi darling! I really love Coco Chanel, is the best designer of every times. I love the photos that you choose for this post. I follow you too by GFC and BLOGLOVIN. Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. A big kiss :)