četvrtak, 28. lipnja 2012.

NEON is the new BLACK!

It seems like we've all fallen under new fashion rule- and it's all about neon! Neon nails, neon shoes,neon shirts, neon accessorise, neon sunglasses and all other NEON stuff. You must admit that first thing that pops into your head by mentioning the word is old neon bar and disco signs from the past century,
 that are still shining the streets of Las Vegas. 
Nowdays, I can say that neon has a new meaning. It's a lot more wearable and less in your face.  If you want to show up to a party all 
sparkle, at least you should do is not go too far with it (otherwise you'll look like your stuck in 90's)... 
A few days ago I've read that in US neon nail polish is illegal(?!), which is very unfair to all fashionistas :(  Personally, I have a lot of neon stuff here in my room. My watch, swimsuits, flip flops, shirts, bags, jewelry,... 
And I'm all crazy about it! 

Interesting: In Greek the very word “neon” translates to “new one”, which seems ironic, considering every 20 years fashion finds a new use for it! 

XOXO, Monika

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